WINPRO® soft chews are powered by our unique, proprietary, and science-backed animal blood protein blend, K-Thrive™ FORMULA D. Designed to help your dog thrive and live to their full potential, it's an essential mix of concentrated blood fractions including plasma, serum, albumin, IgG and IgA.

The animal blood proteins in K-Thrive FORMULA D are collected and processed only in USDA-inspected pork processing facilities located throughout the American Midwest. This raw ingredient is humanely and hygienically collected, then transported in refrigerated stainless-steel tanker trucks to a processing facility. Here, the blood is spun to separate and concentrate the bioactive functional proteins, which are then blended with other key ingredients to create our powerful proprietary ingredient.

And dogs love the taste of the animal blood protein in our soft chews. They gobble them up even when on the move or when excited.

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